A complete, self monitoring weather system with proven performance all over the globe.
(A product formerly offered by Heath Kit)
The Weather-Quest® 5001 displays weather information continually, 24 hours per day. Your critical weather data is transmitted via a high resolution LCD for fast, easy viewing.

Ten Years, proven performance
For over ten years, this compact weather station has been one of the most durable, reliable Systems available and has been used by people all over the globe in all kinds of climates.

  The monitor displays:
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Indoor and outdoor temperatures
  • Indoor and outdoor humidity
  • Barometric pressure
  • Time and date
  • Rainfall
  • Fog and severe weather warning (visual & audio)

  • Weather recall
    By recalling rate of change in the last hour/last 24 hours, you can observe weather trends and determine the current conditions or severity of a storm.

    Equipment sophisticated enough to be used by...
    weather observers, police, airport and fire personnel, TV radio stations and schools. The LCD display makes it simple enough to operate so that it can be used by amateur weather observers.

    Plug into our RS-232 interface and utilize our Windows based software

    One Year Warranty includes all parts and labor
    For more information contact:
    Forecast Technologies
    1040 W. Las Palmas Ave., Suite B #202
    Patterson, Ca 95363

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